I love painting people!  I often don’t paint faces as they are not portraits, rather they represent characteristics of an individual. Each of these paintings is based on a remarkable person.
    Irene as a teenager in 1900, homesteaded with her father in the high desert of California. They built their own house with no water or electricity. She started a school for homesteading children. Eventually she married another homesteader and they moved to Los Angeles near what became LAX.
    Gloria was a glamour girl of the 1940s. She was born in Mexico in 1920 to an American father and a Mexican mother. She came to the US in 1929 determined to live a life of wealth and security, and she did!
    Lada came from Russia in the 1970s, joined a commune while she learned English, later owned a successful travel agency.
    Consuela immigrated from Puerto Rico and became a classical guitarist. She now owns a cafe and still plays nightly.
    Nicole is a French fashion model who battled an eating disorder and won.
    Valorina was a nurse during the Viet Nam war.
    Carole was a radio talk show host who battled addiction and is now an aerobics instructor.
    Betty was born in the 1940s in a small town and became one of the first female stand-up comics.


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